Last published (July 2021)

Peter Auer / Elisabeth Zima
On word searches, gaze, and co-participation


Maxi Kupetz
Multimodalität und Adressatenorientierung in Instruktionen
im DaZ- und fachintegrierten Unterricht


Mark Dang-Anh
Situational involvement and footing shifts in mobile live video streams


Wolfgang Kesselheim / Christina Brandenberger / Christoph Hottiger
How to Notice a Tsunami in a Water Tank:
Joint Discoveries in a Science Center


Martin Luginbühl / Vera Mundwiler / Judith Kreuz
Daniel Müller-Feldmeth / Stefan Hauser

Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches in Conversation Analysis:
Methodological Reflections on a Study of Argumentative Group Discussions


Discourse and Conversation Analysis is an interdisciplinary journal which publishes research on social interaction in everyday life, institutions and the media.

Discourse and Conversation Analysis welcomes data-driven research originating in linguistics, sociology, pedagogics, psychology, anthropology and related sciences.

Discourse and Conversation Analysis publishes analyses from conversation analysis, interactional linguistics, multimodal video-analysis, ethnography, research on spoken language, functional pragmatics, hermeneutic sociology of knowledge and other approaches to the analysis of interactional discourse.

Papers may apply to one of five categories:

  • Basic Research
  • Applied Research (e.g., concerning counseling, training, pedagogics)
  • Research Tools and Practice (building a corpus, transcription, software for recording and analysis)
  • Book Reviews
  • Conference Reports

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Thematic Issues

"How to get things done"
Aufforderungen und Instruktionen in der multimodalen Interaktion (2021)

herausgegeben von Oliver Ehmer / Henrike Helmer / Florence Oloff / Silke Reineke


Instruktionen in Theater- und Orchesterproben (2020)

herausgegeben von Maximilian Krug / Monika Messner / Axel Schmidt / Anna Wessel


Object-centred sequences in social interaction (2019)

edited by Sylvaine Tuncer / Christian Licoppe / Pentti Haddington


Erzählen multimodal (2018)

herausgegeben von Katharina König / Florence Oloff