Discourse and Conversation Analysis is an interdisciplinary journal which publishes research on social interaction in everyday life, institutions and the media.

Discourse and Conversation Analysis welcomes data-driven research originating in linguistics, sociology, pedagogics, psychology, anthropology and related sciences.

Discourse and Conversation Analysis publishes analyses from conversation analysis, interactional linguistics, multimodal video-analysis, ethnography, research on spoken language, functional pragmatics, hermeneutic sociology of knowledge and other approaches to the analysis of interactional discourse.

Papers may apply to one of five categories:

  • Basic Research
  • Applied Research (e.g., concerning counseling, training, pedagogics)
  • Research Tools and Practice (building a corpus, transcription, software for recording and analysis)
  • Book Reviews
  • Conference Reports

Discourse and Conversation Analysis is an open access journal. It is available at no cost for readers and does not charge authors for publication. It is funded by the Verein für Gesprächsforschung e.V., the German Research Council (DFG) and by grants of users.

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Last published (8/2018)

Arnulf Deppermann / Eric Laurier / Lorenza Mondada et al.
Overtaking as an interactional achievement:
video analyses of participants' practices in traffic


Anja Stukenbrock
Blickpraktiken von SprecherInnen und AdressatInnen bei der Lokaldeixis:
Mobile Eye Tracking-Analysen zur Herstellung von joint attention


Elisabeth Zima
Multimodale Mittel der Rederechtsaushandlung im
gemeinsamen Erzählen in der Face-to-Face Interaktion


Sarah Torres Cajo
"das is SO lächerlich; ohne SCHEISS jetz ma"
– Zur affektiven Äußerungsmodalisierung durch
ohne Scheiß-Konstruktionen im gesprochenen Deutsch