International Standard Serial Number (ISSN): 1617 – 1837

First edition: 2000

Languages of publication: German and English.

Discourse and Conversation Analysis advocates an interdisciplinary and data-driven approach. It publishes research in linguistics (German, English, Roman, Slavic, etc. languages), sociology, pedagogics, intercultural communication, rhetorics and speech communication, and neighboring sciences like media and communication sciences, psychology, anthropology, geography, literary studies, etc. concerning the use of language and other semiotic resources in social interaction.

Discourse and Conversation Analysis publishes analyses from conversation analysis, interactional linguistics, multimodal video-analysis, gesture studies, ethnography of communication, discursive psychology, narrative analysis, research on spoken language, functional pragmatics, hermeneutic sociology of knowledge and other approaches to the analysis of interactional discourse.

Double-blind Peer-Review: All papers are reviewed by the editors and by two members of the editorial board anonymously. The rejection rate amounted to 50% in 2011.

Papers appear exclusively online as PDF; there is no printed version of the journal. In order to read the papers, you need the Acrobat Reader 9.0 (or higher).

Papers appear in one of five categories: Basic Research - Applied Research (e.g., concerning counseling, training, pedagogics) - Research Tools and Practice (e.g., building a corpus, transcription, software for recording and analysis) - Book Reviews - Conference Reports.

Open Access: Discourse and Conversation Analysis is an open access journal. It is available at no cost for readers and does not charge authors for publication. It is funded by the Verein für Gesprächsforschung e.V., the German Research Council (DFG) and by grants of readers.

Multimedia: We encourage authors to amend their papers by figures and pictures in color, audio- and video-clips. Audio-clips are integrated into the PDF of the article ("living transcript"), videos are made available for download.

Mode of Publication: Papers are available online as soon as they have been approved of by reviewers and after editorial management necessary for publication. All papers are allocated to an annual volume and paginated.

Content Alert: The Mailliste zur Gesprächsforschung und Twitter keep you updated on papers newly published in Discourse and Conversation Analysis.